Ulma, The Kidnapped Tree

Story and Illustrations by William J. Dalziel

This is a true story about a young Elm tree and her journey.

Bill Dalziel’s story and illustrations of “Ulma, The Kidnapped Tree” tells us of an architect’s dream in bringing an Elm tree, an America Liberty Tree, from Virgina to a shopping center in Southern California. This heart-filled story of a young Elm tree and her friend Charlie the Eastern Blue Jay, takes us on a journey of love and loss, sadness and freedom, and the trauma of an earthquake that eventually brings freedom to Ulma, The Liberty Tree.

“The sun began to climb high above the bright green treetops, warming the surrounding forest.” 

But, as Ulma the Elm tree and her friend Charlie the Eastern Blue Jay welcome Spring into the forest, they suddenly hear a growling machine coming towards them…

Join the adventure as Ulma and Charlie are kidnapped from their home and taken across country to a Shopping Center in California.

And THAT was JUST the beginning of the story…

About William J. Dalziel

Learn more about the author and the artist’s enthusiasm for creativity, life and the environment are communicated through his heart-filled stories, resonating poetry and honest musings, continually weaving intense color in word and paint, and multi-layers of line and shape.

“If you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing, all the little stuff will be taken care of… including your rent.”

~ Bucky Fuller